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Life Science lab

De Novo protein sequencing is the process by which the amino acid sequence is deduced without prior knowledge of the DNA or protein sequence. This differs from sequence confirmation, where the protein/DNA sequence is already known and the sequence data obtained is used to confirm that it is correct.

Performed by MS/MS, our de novo sequencing service reveals structural information by fragmenting intact peptides within a mass spectrometer. In addition, or as an alternative, sequencing may be performed by N-terminal sequencing, which sequentially separates amino acids from the N-terminus of a peptide using Edman Chemistry.

De Novo sequencing is used in the identification of unknown proteins in proteomic-type analyses. Another important application is in the characterization of antibody variable regions.

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We employ cutting-edge methodology in sequence analysis to give our clients a competitive edge in the Life Science markets. Contact us today to discuss how de novo protein sequencing could play a part in your future business success.