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Many operational decisions are based on the results of mechanical sampling at mines, ports, transfer points and power plants.


SGS’s mechanical sampling systems (MSS) are proven to be the safest and most reliable method of accurately sampling and assessing bulk cargos. MSS allows you to ensure safe, reliable operations and overcome the obstacles presented by high capacity streams, manual sampling, high volume, labor costs and stringent contract specifications.

SGS has over 35 years’ experience in designing, fabricating and supporting mechanical sampling systems around the world. Our systems range from primary samplers to large scale sampling systems featuring multiple stages of crushing, sampling and on-line analysis. SGS’s systems and support services are industry benchmarks for:

  • Engineering excellence
  • ISO 9001 quality
  • Worldwide technical support
  • Designs that address international operator safety requirements

Mechanical Sampling Engineering Services

SGS works with you from concept to full operation of the system. Our services begin with an assessment of your unique sampling requirements.
We develop project specifications and design your system based on your specific needs. Design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and on-site SGS laboratory services are all available. Our deliverables include complete budgeting information that allows you to compare construction bids equally and consider optional components.

Later, during the construction stage, SGS technical staff oversee installation and commissioning. Once the project is operational, our worldwide maintenance service and technical and bias audits ensure flawless operation and accurate test results.

SGS can also own and operate a new or existing system on your behalf.

Manufacture of Mechanical Sampling Systems

SGS uses proven designs for samplers, crushers and other sampling equipment. We have the skills and experience to design unique solutions to specific bulk cargo applications. Our mechanical sampling systems are known to be well-engineered, economical and low maintenance. They comply with all relevant sampling standards and allow for accurate and reliable concentrate handling, sorting and blending. Contact us for full details, specifications and available options for our complete line of MSS equipment.

Go to Mechanical Sampling Systems Engineering Systems to learn more about the services SGS provides for mechanical sampling.