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Title Date Type
Innovative NDT Predictive Corrosion Management PCM Protect your production facilities with continuous, real-time, sensor-based corrosion monitoring 11 Jul 2018 Business News
SGS and Baker Hughes, a GE Company, Launch Cooperation on Predictive Corrosion Management 10 Jul 2018 Business News
NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING (NDT) The non-destructive tests (CND or NDT) are the complex of examinations, tests and surveys conducted using methods that do not alter the material and do not require the destruction or removal of samples from the structure under examination for the research and identification of structural defects. 06 Apr 2018 Local Corporate News
SGS Exhibits at OMC in Ravenna (Italy), March 2019 SGS will exhibit at Offshore Mediterranean Conference & Exhibition (OMC) from March 27th to 29th. 05 Apr 2018 Business News
45001 Il 12 marzo è stato pubblicato dall’International Standard Organization (ISO), la versione definitiva della norma ISO 45001 29 Mar 2018 Business News
SGS for NGOs Benchamrking certification assessment for ngos 08 Mar 2018 Local Corporate News
SGS Portal for Exporters asking for CoC To inform Italian exporters that starting from 12/2/2018 all PCA request should be submitted through SGS PCA portal 16 Feb 2018 Business News
Saudi Arabia – Introduction to SALEEM, new system for SASO Certification of Conformity To warn Italian exporters of product destinated to the Saudi market about change of system. 11 Jan 2018 Local Corporate News
Update KUWAIT PCA To inform manufacturers and traders of starting date of ban in Kuwait of incandescent tungsten filament lamps and halogen lamps 10 Jul 2017 Local Corporate News
SGS ITALY TAKES PART TO DRAGONFLY PROJECT The first italian company network against violence on women. 17 May 2017 Local Corporate News