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It is the first textile mark which guarantees the life cycle assessment of the product

To offer an environementally sustainable product, beautiful to wear and respectful of the environment: this is what the Cardato Recycled mark guarantees. Versatile woolen fabrics and yarns proposed in many combinations, produced from the recycling of textile materials, accompanied by a brand which guarantees the evaluation of the life cycle of the product, technically LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). This is the content of the new mark Cardato Recycled, sponsored by Camera di Commercio di Prato, in cooperation with Consorzio per la Valorizzazione dei prodotti tessili cardati, Unione Industriale Pratese, Cna and Confartigianato.

To guarantee the certification will be SGS, the international certification body, which will also guarantee the connection with fashion brands. The number of brands following this path keeps increasing: the Cardato Recycled companies will be able to use the independent certification and to use these informations with their customers.

Features of the Brand

To use the “Cardato Recycled” mark, fabrics and yarns must:

  • Be produced in the Prato district;
  • contain at least 65% of recycled materials (clothes or waste deriving from textile production);
  • be subjected to an environmental impact assessment for the entire production cycle, considering three main aspects: water consumption, energy and CO2.

From Cardato Regenerated CO2 Neutral Mark to Cardato Recycled

The Cardato Recycled mark was created as an evolution of Cardato Regenerated CO2 Neutral, launched in 2008 as a proposal to enhance the  woolen production. After a careful evaluation of the mark and of the evolutions of the market, it was considered necessary to modify the mark, in order to meet the needs of the companies.

With the failure of Kyoto protocol, calculation and neutralization of CO2 emissions became secondary factors, and the credit market collapsed. Therefore, it was necessary to review this aspect of the mark. At the same time, it was necessary to introduce new evaluation methods: today the new mark measures the environmental impact of the products, with a life cycle approach, on many impact categories, including CO2 emissions, water consumption and ecological footprint, in line with PEF methodology.

This means that companies will have at their disposal these informations, certified by the mark, to comunicate to the customers. The number of textile brands following this path keeps increasing: the Cardato Recycled  companies can have these informations verified by an indipendent certification body and use these with their customers. The companies will be also allowed to use the Cardato Recycled mark to strengthen their brand.

An Innovative Protocol for the New Brand

To face this new path, Camera di Commercio di Prato and Consorzio per la Valorizzazione dei prodotti tessili cardati started a partnership with the researchers of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa, who developed the technical specification for the evaluation of the life cycle of the product (LCA - Life Cycle Assessment) according with the new PEF methodology (Product Environmental Footprint) issued by the European Commission in may 2013; Prima Q helped the research team in the tests held in the production companies.

The final result is a technical specification for the quantification and evaluation of the environmental impacts of the entire life cycle of the products, which will be one of the first applications in Europe of a simplified approach to this methodology, in order to facilitate the application in SMEs of the same supply chain. 

18 luglio 2014 - Documentation