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To warn Italian exporters of product destinated to the Saudi market about change of system.

SGS has  recently received notification that the Authorities of the Saudi Standards, Metrology & Quality Organization "SASO" have started the revision of their product certification system that will replace the existing one and will be called SALEEM.

Through the so called SABER platform, the new SALEEM certification system will aim to accelerate the process of issuing product conformity certificates, reduce product importation times including verification at the Saudi customs, while continuing to protect the Saudi consumer from products not compliant and/or counterfeit.

Procedures and costs related to this new certification system have not yet been disclosed, but SGS will take care to send further information and details as soon as they are available.
SGS has been  one of the first institutions accredited by Saudi authorities to operate globally with the new program.

It would seem SALEEM will come into force on April 1, 2018, so until March 30, 2018 the current certification program will remain in place.