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Working on prevention through failure and damage analysis. How can a failure improve component integrity?

From manufacturing to service life, products and engineering components are daily expected to comply with quality requirements and safety regulations. Whatever non-conformity, damage or breakdown occurs it is essential to identify the mechanism of failure and establish the root causes with the aim of preventing the problem from arising again in the future.

Every time a response is needed, we help in identifying the main aspects of the problem through the completion of an investigative process aimed at a fast, practical and reliable solution.



  • Understanding: we assist you throughout the design and manufacturing process review from an independent point of view with the aim of clarifying every possible concern and ambiguity related to the technical background.

  • Testing: in our specialised facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, we provide all the answers you need regarding material properties, product performance and any flaw or anomaly detected during every step of the investigation according to international standards and specifications.

  • Solving: statements, data, findings and experimental results are carefully assessed, compared and evaluated during the final stage of the investigative process prior to a definitive and trustworthy solution

  • Improving: our 30 years’ experience covers all industrial sectors from aerospace to oil and gas, enabling us to help you in selecting product remediation and development aiming at perfection.



What we offer in our four accredited laboratories, located in key locations across the UK, is a comprehensive testing service including:

  • Chemical analysis

  • Diffusible hydrogen determination

  • Metallography

  • Fractography

  • Mechanical testing

  • SEM/EDX analysis


In addition, site-testing services such as microstructural replication, sampling, investigations, portable hardness testing, coating inspection and Positive Material Identification can be provided throughout the UK.



What you will get from us is a detailed and clear report, tailored to the failure under investigation, presenting all the findings and results collected together with our comments, conclusions and recommendations for corrective actions.


When you contact us we will provide immediate feedback through a preliminary analysis and an appropriate quotation will be discussed and agreed in order to customise our proposal to your needs.


Why suffer twice from the same mistake when you can learn from it?


Costanza Colombo
Failure Analysis Specialist

Phone: +39 02 55 30 58 64