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Accessing viable hydrocarbon reserves is becoming increasingly difficult. For smaller, marginal fields, you need to be sure that you have the best plan of attack to optimize your drilling CAPEX.

Oil Rig

We offer you a comprehensive range of drilling and completion engineering and production technology studies to help optimize your projects and create value by drilling fit-for-purpose wells linked to the subsurface needs and surface capacity and constraints.

Our teams have a broad range of experience in drilling and completion engineering design of complex wells in different geographical locations. We assist you with specific topics such as casing design, cement design, drilling and completion fluid design, OCTG metallurgy, hydraulic fracturing operations support and advanced geo-mechanics. We cover the whole spectrum, from the basis of the design, to final programs and well delivery. Our team is there to assist and support you along the entire journey.

Contact SGS for more information about our drilling and completion engineering studies and how they can benefit you.

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