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Responding to ever-increasing demand, petroleum engineers are continually being challenged to develop new and improved techniques and strategies for hydrocarbon recovery.

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SGS’s analytical and consulting solutions for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) enable you to optimize the extraction of your oil beyond that recoverable by primary and secondary methods.

We have expert knowledge in sophisticated, multi-disciplinary EOR studies and through our consultation services we can give you a comprehensive understanding of your reservoir and advise on the best methodology, adapting it to the specific conditions of your reservoir. With the expertise we provide and the guidance we offer you can reduce the risks and uncertainties when undertaking pilot and full field EOR project designs. You can depend on SGS for the highest level of experience, reliable analytical results and engineering consulting services for all your EOR projects.

SGS’s EOR services

Our range of EOR studies include:

  • Chemical EOR (cEOR) and optimization
  • Miscible and Immiscible gas injection including WAG
  • Multi-phase solubility or swelling studies
  • Slim tube miscibility and immiscible displacement studies
  • Forward and reverse multi-contact studies
  • Gas revaporization studies
  • Custom studies (e.g. asphaltene + EOR)

Why choose SGS?

SGS operates a full range of multidisciplinary testing facilities because every reservoir and EOR project has unique aspects. We maximize the economics of your reservoir by using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and methodologies to rapidly and efficiently characterize all phases of your EOR project. We have worked on EOR projects around the world, including:

  • Miscible floods on Alaska’s North Slope
  • Gas injection/miscible displacement in Venezuelan heavy oil fields with concurrent asphaltene deposition measurements
  • CO2 sequestration in Argentina
  • WAG studies in Colombia
  • Solubility/swelling with concurrent asphaltene deposition in Algeria
  • Complex three-phase CO2 solubility studies in the United States.

For further information on the analysis solutions SGS can provide for your EOR project, contact us today.

We use advanced testing and engineering combining laboratory data and field studies to develop a comprehensive analysis of your EOR operations. Our analyses enable us to streamline your EOR program and optimize your recoveries. Our services include screening, defining, evaluating and planning for EOR projects over a broad range of EOR techniques:

* Chemical EOR
* Thermal EOR
* Gas injection
* Gas recycling

Contact us for further details on our Enhanced Oil Recovery studies and Engineering Services.

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