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Maximize your chance of success while identifying the risk and opportunities of sedimentary basins.

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At SGS, we have extensive practical knowledge of sedimentary basins and hands-on experience with exploration and appraisal processes. We provide services ranging from single block screening and feasibility studies to larger multi area assessments.

These could involve:

  • Full interpretation of seismic data
  • Evaluation of play fairways
  • Well information
  • Prospect identification
  • Deterministic and stochastic volumetrics calculations
  • Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis
  • Prospect and block ranking
  • As required static and dynamic reservoir modeling
  • Development screening
  • Technical cost assessment
  • Economic analysis

Our team of experts is fully acquainted with non-proprietary exploration tools and software and able to rapidly uncover the relevant risks and opportunities of all sedimentary basins, allowing you to maximize the chance of success for all your exploration ventures.

Open new hydrocarbon provinces

Large scale exploration studies are instrumental in opening up new hydrocarbon provinces through assessing the play potential of unexplored basins in terms of reservoir, seal and source rock presence and the availability of hydrocarbon charge in relation to structural or stratigraphic trap formation. In mature producing basins new plays can be developed, usually – but not necessarily – within deeper stratigraphic objectives than those producing to date. Beyond the initial conceptual stage the development of new exploration play concepts is typically underpinned by the interpretation of regional seismic surveys and basin modeling. This is followed by more detailed studies usually including 3D seismic interpretation to support license applications. Smaller scale exploration studies address near field exploration potential.

Exploration studies cater for clients wishing to undertake a new country and/or basin entry or clients involved in farm-in opportunities for which they require a valuation of the exploration assets for sale.

Why choose SGS?

We have executed numerous exploration studies across six continents in virtually all known exploration plays, including clastic and carbonate reservoirs, post and pre-salt settings, shallow marine deltaics and deepwater turbidites, amongst others. The scale of these studies ranges from fully integrated frontier license rounds to fit for purpose data room studies in support of farm-in activities.

Larger scale studies span the entire evaluation range from regional studies, hydrocarbon habitat/basin analysis to play fairway mapping cumulating in detailed prospect identification, mapping and risking. Small-scale data room reviews typically focus on rapidly defining the key risks and the up- and downside potential of an opportunity.

SGS has been instrumental in many farm-ins being successfully pursued and, in some cases, is able to avoid unnecessary exposure to risk for our customers. All our studies are subjected to a rigorous QA/QC procedure and are carried out per industry best practices, including the application of novel techniques and procedures.

For more information about how exploration studies can assist you, contact your SGS representative.

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