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Geophysical and seismic interpretation as part of an overall hydrocarbon habitat study, where geophysics (seismic, gravimetry, magnetics), geology and petrophysics are fully integrated.

Oil Rig

SGS covers the entire range of geophysical technologies and skills and we have experience across the entire field life cycle. We can help you with all your projects, ranging from greenfield studies to reserve determinations. We derive hydrocarbon play definition and assessment of basin potential to support you with strategic country entries and frontier license-round applications.

Prospect identification, evaluation and field development

Prospect identification and a multitude of seismic attribute analyses, amplitude versus offset studies and inversion studies, can be employed in defining volumetric ranges and thereby reducing risks on your projects. We can provide you with inversion volumes of seismic data and carry out pre-stack depth migration. Much of the seismic interpretation activity carried out is in support of field development and optimization plans. Geophysical services are also carried out as part of data room reviews, due diligence studies and reserve redeterminations.

Full integration with reservoir geology, petrophysics, reservoir engineering and drilling engineering allows you to deliver major projects within budget and on time.

Seismic processing

When processing seismic data, the complexities of the particular geological model require specialist expertise. With our depth of geological and geophysical knowledge, we can provide you with dedicated seismic processing for exploration, development and production studies.

We can help you to control results precisely during the processing phase and start interpretation immediately on completion, integrate the entire process into our proven workflow, offering you a complete subsurface study, and control your data locally, in one single location, saving you time and money.

We have successfully participated in numerous projects around the globe – from exploration studies, reserve certifications, asset evaluations and data room reviews to redeterminations and integrated field development planning.

Seismic imaging

Our seismic imaging capabilities include:

  • Time processing – post- and pre-stack migration, 2D and 3D studies, land, marine and transitional zone environments
  • Pre Stack Depth Migration (PDSM) – 2D/3D, true-amplitude, isotropic/VTI, irregular acquisition, rugose topography
  • Tomography (anisotropic) and complex velocity model building
  • Full 3D diffraction imaging
  • Ray tracing – illumination studies and acquisition planning

Reservoir characterization

Our reservoir characterization capabilities include:

  • Acoustic impedance inversion
  • AVO and elastic impedance inversion
  • Time-lapse inversion
  • Converted wave and PP-PS inversion
  • Reservoir property derivation from inversion
  • AVO analysis and DHI extraction
  • AVO modeling
  • Fluid substitution modeling

Microseismic Monitoring & Interpretation

Using microseismic measurements, our geophysicists can interpret spatial-temporal variation of seismic energy with respect to reservoir and rock degradation (due to well operations, hydraulic fracture test or fluid injection). We apply various microseismic data processing and interpretation techniques, using in-house and industry standard software applications, to provide insights into a variety of subjects including:

  • Microseismic event location
  • Regional and background seismicity analysis
  • Source mechanism analysis
  • Deterministic and probabilistic seismicity risk estimation
  • Statistical analysis of fracture network geometry.

For the implementation of microseismic monitoring campaigns, our geophysical experts can support you with the design, survey equipment selection and installation, data acquisition, data processing and advanced processing and modeling.

Trusted geophysical services from a world leader in integrated subsurface studies

As a leading provider of integrated subsurface studies, we offer you unrivaled experience and expertise.

Contact us today to learn more about how our geophysical services can support your business.

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